Nobody likes a noisy neighbour

Noisy neighbour

‘Tis the party season! Friends are gathering, BBQ’s are flaming, the tunes are pumping and the noise complaints are increasing.

Although many of us enjoy socialising this time of year, we need to keep in mind the noise restrictions that are in place.

Different areas within Canberra have different noise restrictions which are in place.

In residential areas noise restrictions are in place around the clock, with further restrictions overnight (10pm - 7am Monday to Saturday, and 10pm - 8am on Sundays and public holidays).

Noise levels are measured in decibels dB(A). The following is a guide to different noise levels:

  • Quiet bedroom: 20-30dB(A)
  • Daytime levels in quiet residential area: 35-45dB(A)
  • Lawn mower at 15 metres: 70dB(A)
  • Jack hammer at one metre: 100dB(A)

For more information on the noise levels within your area in Canberra, visit the ACT Government's website.