Road toll

Nine people have died on our roads

ACT road toll**: 2000 - 2018 (by calendar year)

Year Road toll

2018 (YTD)

2017 5
2016 10
2015 15
2014 10
2013 7
2012 12
2011 6
2010 18
2009 12
2008 14
2007 14
2006 12
2005 26
2004 11
2003 11
2002 10
2001 16
2000 18

**EXPLANATORY NOTE: a road fatality is recorded as part of the ACT road toll if the death falls within the following parameters:

  • Collisions occuring on roads or road related areas and causing death within the ACT (and region) are recorded as part of the road toll, regardless if you are a citizen of the ACT. If an ACT citizen dies on a road outside of the ACT, it is counted in that jurisdictions road toll.
  • Collisions causing death on private property, for example, a farm, are not counted as part of the ACT road toll (as these collisions do not take place on the public road).
  • The Coroner determines the cause of death. If the Coroner determines that the cause of death was a result of natural causes as opposed to injuries incurred by a collision, the individual is not counted as part of the road toll. For example, if a medical condition such as a heart attack caused the collision.
  • A collision deemed a deliberate act (beyond reasonable doubt) by ACT Policing and the Office of Road Safety does not count as part of the ACT road toll.
  • The ACT, in line with all other jurisdictions in Australia, adopts the 30 day national standard in recording road deaths. If a person dies more than 30 days after the collision they are not recorded as part of the road toll.

For more information, go to Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate.

Frequency: Updated as required - last updated 23 March 2018.

For ACT crash information and data visit the Justice and Community Safety website.