Mum knows best

Mum knows best

Mum knows best - but we have some good advice too

It’s University O Week and by now we’re sure you’ve unpacked your bags, highlighted your academic calendar and found your new coffee hangout. We bet you’ve also received A LOT of great advice from family and friends like ‘make sure you set your alarm for those early classes’ and ‘wear thongs in the shower’.

We want you to enjoy your time in our exciting city, so here’s some tips from us for a safe and happy O Week, and year, at Uni:

  •  look after your friends and be aware of what is happening around you
  •  make plans beforehand and how you and your friends will get home after a night out
  •  never walk home alone
  •  don’t leave drinks unattended
  •  don’t pre-load before events - you risk missing out on all the fun.

 Good luck with your studies everyone!