C'mon Canberra, you can do it!

A country road scene with text overlay that reads 'C'mon Canberra, you can do it!'

The battle for sporting supremacy has begun and we here at ACT Policing are loving every moment!

But, what we don’t love is that some Canberra road users have been treating our roads a lot like a race. So let’s leave the speed to the fastest man alive.

Athletes face a zero tolerance for competing under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The same goes for Canberra road users.

No one dares to jump the starting gun in any race, same goes for intersections and traffic lights.

Do you see athletes pulling out their phones as they get into the blocks for a quick selfie? Or to tell a friend where they are? Of course not! They are focused on the task at hand, which requires their full attention.

Athletes also make sure they are strapped up to prevent a potential injury. Make sure you put on those seatbelts before driving anywhere.

The achievement of arriving safely at your destination would mean more to your family and friends than any gold medal.