Traffic focus moves from speeding to sharing the road

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ACT Policing issued 601 infringements for speed-related offences on Canberra’s roads in July.

Officer in Charge of Road Policing, Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman said the number was very disturbing.

“There are no excuses, the speed limit signs are nothing new, they tell you the maximum speed you’re allowed to drive at, and some people still don’t get it,” said Detective Inspector Boorman.

“There were plenty of motorists treating the road as their personal speedway, and on average, every 74 minutes in July someone was detected speeding by police in Canberra.”

“If the current trend continues, we will surpass the number of infringements issued for the whole of 2019 in the next few weeks.”

The 601 speeding infringements detected on the ACT’s roads in July included 49 for motorists detected at more than 30km/h over the posted speed limit, with 11 of those in excess of 45km/h. Three drivers were issued infringement notices for doing more than 70km/h in school zones, where the speed limit is 40km/h.

ACT Policing will continue to target those who choose to ignore speed limits.

After the month-long enforcement campaign focused on speeding, August will see ACT Policing asking road users to be more mindful of each other this month, with an awareness campaign putting a spotlight on sharing the road.

Detective Inspector Boorman says it’s a simple concept.

“I hope this month can be more about awareness than enforcement. Think about how your behaviour impacts on others, and share the road.

“I’m talking about tailgating, not slowing when passing emergency vehicles, or driving too close to cyclists. Be alert and attentive on the road, and know your behaviour does make a difference.

“In Canberra we’re into our second year of light rail operation and next week is National Rail Safety Week, a reminder that in addition to pedestrians, cyclists, cars, buses, and trucks, we also share the road with the light rail, which are the largest vehicles on Canberra’s roads.

The August 2020 focus on sharing the roads forms part of the joint ACT Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 which prioritises a Vision Zero approach to road safety.

Media enquiries

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Statistics for July 2020:

Total speeding infringements detected: 918

Speed category:

  <15km/h over 15-30km/h over 30-45km/h over >45km/h over
Non-School 172 297 35 11
School Zone 46 37 3 0
Infringements 218 334 38 11

This media release has been corrected. In compiling the original release a data error was made, which saw additional non-speeding offences included.