Stay safe NYE

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New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, and ACT Policing wants everyone to have a happy, fun evening welcoming a new decade.

ACT Policing is prepared for significant crowds who are expected to make their way into Civic this New Year’s Eve.

Detective Superintendent Jason Kennedy said ACT Policing officers would be on duty across the event footprint to ensure community safety and manage the movement of crowds.

“Police will be targeting anyone who takes celebrations too far affecting the fun and safety of others. Antisocial or intoxicated behavior will not be tolerated,” said Detective Superintendent Kennedy.  

“We want everyone to have a memorable night for the right reasons, so please celebrate responsibly, drink in moderation and look after one another.

“You don’t want to start the new decade with the hangover of a criminal record.”

There are zones in Civic where alcohol cannot be consumed in a public place and temporary signage will identify these areas.

“Anyone drinking alcohol outside the legal drinking zones may be subject to a Criminal Infringement Notice (CIN).”

There will be a number of road closures and changes to traffic conditions in and around Civic, so public transport, rideshares or carpools are a good option.

For those who do drive, please be patient and be aware of your surroundings as there will be a large number of pedestrians and never drive under the influence.

“If you think there may be even a chance you are ‘over the limit’ don’t risk it. Get a taxi or rideshare. Avoid becoming a statistic, drinking and driving is not acceptable,” said Detective Superintendent Kennedy.

Double demerits will remain in force until 1 January.

ACT Policing wishes you a Happy New Year, think ahead and be sure you remember New Year’s Eve 2019 for the right reasons. 

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