Random breath testing in the ACT during COVID19

Traffic car

ACT Policing uses a targeted, intelligence led approach to deter, detect and remove impaired drivers from our roads. This approach will continue during the response to COVID-19.

ACT Policing has provided advice to our members to maximise hygiene controls to continue to conduct roadside alcohol and drug testing safely.

In the past few years, rather than a large-scale static approach to roadside testing, every ACT Policing member conducts random breath testing and we work hard to ensure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

The public should continue to expect that roadside alcohol or drug testing can happen anywhere, any time on any road by police in marked and unmarked police vehicles.

Reducing road trauma remains a whole of community approach. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility - if you are drinking, ensure you have a designated driver or find another way home.

ACT Policing will continue to act on the most current health advice and review our practices for the safety of our members and community.


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