Police targeting seatbelt offences

ACT Policing will target seatbelt offences during September and drivers are on notice to buckle up or risk hefty fines, loss of demerit points and the increased risk of serious injury or fatality.

During 2013, 705 motorists were given a Traffic Infringement Notice or formal Caution for driving without a seatbelt or having a passenger not secured by a seatbelt.

Officer in Charge Traffic Operations Sergeant Rod Anderson was disappointed that so many drivers were snubbing safety by ignoring their requirement to wear a seatbelt.

“While most Canberrans buckle up, some continue to drive improperly restrained, with passengers not wearing seatbelts or with children on board not wearing seatbelts,” Sergeant Anderson said.

“Seatbelts are a proven safety feature and there’s no excuse for not wearing one. A properly adjusted seatbelt or child restraint greatly reduces the chances of being killed or seriously injured in a collision.”

During 2013, 19 drivers were issued infringement notices for driving with unrestrained or improperly restrained passengers under the age of 16 and so far this year, 11 drivers have been issued infringement notices for the same offences.

“Whether you’re a parent dropping the kids to school or a tradie just ducking down to the shops with some mates, it is an offence to permit passengers of any age to travel in your car without seatbelts,” Sergeant Anderson added.

The fine for a driver or passenger not having a seat belt properly fastened is $353 + 3 demerit points. Drivers can be fined for each individual person travelling in their car without a seatbelt.