Police target speeding this July

Traffic Focus Speeding

This month, the joint road safety campaign between ACT Policing and the Justice and Community Safety Directorate will target speeding.

Speeding remains one of the five main contributors to fatal accidents (in addition to alcohol or drug-impaired driving, not wearing a seatbelt, intersections and driver distraction) and it contributes to a large portion of all collisions on ACT roads.

Police patrols, mobile speed camera vans and fixed speed detection systems all contribute to enforcing speed limits across the ACT.

Police have already issued more than 5000 Traffic Infringement Notices for speeding in 2019, including 87 for exceeding the speed limit by over 45 kilometres per hour.

Detective Sergeant Marcus Boorman said ACT Policing was currently holding about 70 vehicles as a result of speed related incidents.

“An all too common speeding related offence is a driver failing to stop when directed to do so. While the driver may think they have avoided apprehension, police will do everything in their power to identify the driver, seize their vehicle and put them before the court,” Detective Sergeant Boorman said.

“If you do choose to speed then be prepared to receive a ticket, possibly have your vehicle seized, attend court or even worse be involved in a collision which can have life-altering consequences.”

“I urge all speeding drivers to consider their actions. If you slow down and stick to the speed limits, our roads will be safer for everybody.”

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