Police target intersections during October

Intersections traffic focus

During October, ACT Policing is targeting road safety at intersections as part of its road safety calendar.

With approximately half of all reported collisions in Canberra occurring at intersections, police are urging road users to take extra care around intersections.

Traffic Operations Officer in Charge, Acting Station Sergeant David Wills said Canberrans need to pay more attention.

“With one in two collisions occurring around intersections in the ACT we all need to slow down, be patient, be considerate of other road users but most importantly obey the road rules.”

“When travelling through an intersection it may be common sense to follow the road rules but the number of collisions shows there are too many drivers who still just don’t get it.”

 “Everybody has seen other road users pushing the boundaries or breaking the road rules around intersections. There is no excuse for driving in this manner and it is exactly this type of road user we will be targeting during October.”

So far this year (January to September), ACT Policing has issued 959 traffic infringement notices (TINs) and 688 cautions to people breaking road rules around intersections.

The three most common intersection-related TINs so far this year are not stopping at a stop sign (161), disobeying a no right turn sign (148) and not stopping at a red light (134).

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