Police target driver distraction this month

Police vehicle in traffic with flashing red and blue lights

ACT Policing is targeting driver distraction this month as part of the 2018-19 Road Safety Calendar.

Throughout the year, the multi-agency road safety strategy targets specific issues and behaviours which contribute to death and serious injuries on Canberra's roads, with driver distraction among those concerns.

Driver distraction is any action that takes a driver’s attention away from the road or impacts their driving ability. This includes using a mobile phone, driving with headphones, tuning your radio, managing children or pets on board, or even applying make-up.

The most common offence related to driver distraction in the ACT is again driving while using a handheld mobile phone. Police have issued 316 traffic infringement notices so far this year (January – May) each carrying a penalty of $470 and three demerit points.

Acting Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations, Sergeant David Wills said it is disappointing some Canberrans continue to drive distracted.

“There’s no excuse for handling your phone while you are driving. It is a practice that is very dangerous and unnecessary.  Hands free technology is readily available but the best option is to turn your mobile phone off or put it out of reach while you are driving” said Acting Station Sergeant Wills.

“Missing or not taking a call is a significantly better option than a serious collision that could have serious life altering or fatal consequences.”

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