Police pleased with Cricket World Cup crowd

ACT Policing were pleased with the generally well behaved crowd at yesterday’s ICC Cricket World Cup match between Ireland and South Africa at Manuka Oval (Tuesday, March 3), with only a small number of spectators ejected.

ACT Policing’s Operation Commander for the event, Superintendent Rob Wilson, said that only a small number of the crowd of more than 8,800 spectators at the day-night match misbehaved. 

“Again, the vast majority of the crowd enjoyed the match responsibly, with just a few ejected for intoxication or misbehavior,” Supt Wilson said.

Security staff ejected 11 males for possessing alcohol, intoxication or poor behaviour.

ACT Policing ejected one male for attempting to take alcohol into the venue and took a further two males into custody for intoxication. 

One man was spoken to by police, ejected and issued with a banning notice by the ICC for “pitchsiding”, a practice which breaches the terms and conditions of entry.

“Pitchsiding” refers to the practice of spectators within venues relaying information of incidents during games to people overseas, taking advantage of broadcasting time delays to manipulate betting.