Police disappointed with driver behaviour over Summernats weekend

Traffic car

ACT Policing is disappointed with the overall behaviour of drivers across this year’s Summernats weekend (2-5 January 2020).

Over the four days of the event, ACT Policing conducted high visibility patrols and responded to multiple incidents of burnouts, dangerous driving, drink driving and general anti-social behaviour.

This type of behaviour from patrons attending Summernats (either as spectators or entrants) placed Canberra road users and first response personnel at significant risk. 

Friday night’s public order incident at Sutton, NSW saw ACT Policing resources diverted from normal policing and bushfire operations to deal with a group of people who showed no respect to the community that hosts them each year.

Across the weekend, police issued over 180 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) for a range of offences.

More than 80 drivers were caught speeding, including four who were detected driving more than 45km/h above the sign posted speed limit.

One NSW driver lost his vehicle for 90 days after he performed a burnout in front of police in Braddon on Thursday night.

Police also conducted over 1,300 roadside breath screenings, with four of those returning a positive reading for alcohol.

Inside the event police were generally pleased with crowd behaviour - responding to two incidents of assault and one disturbance across the four days. 

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