Inspector title returns to ACT Policing


Fourteen ACT Policing officers have received the title of Inspector, in the first such investiture in the Australian Federal Police (AFP) since the 1990s.

Inspector was a defined rank in the AFP prior to a review and a flattening of the AFP’s structure more than 20 years ago. Until this week, no new Inspectors were appointed within the AFP, other than for some international deployments.

Since the 1990’s the officers in charge of sections, police stations and specialist units have held the rank of Station Sergeant. While this title reflected the seniority of these officers within ACT Policing, it did not provide parity of rank with other police jurisdictions.

The restoration of Inspectors to ACT Policing, and soon the wider AFP, will ensure officers with significant service and experience, doing comparable work across police jurisdictions, are recognised.

The 14 officers who became Inspectors are Officers-in-Charge of a number areas including Police Stations, Road Policing, Family Violence, Community Safety, Operations, Intelligence, Criminal Investigations and Emergency Management and Planning.

Speaking at the ceremony yesterday (Thursday, 28 May), Chief Police Officer for the ACT, Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan said the title of Inspector holds great significance for police across Australia.

“The investiture of these 14 Inspectors in ACT Policing appropriately recognises the senior role each of these officers fill in ACT Policing,” Chief Police Officer Gaughan said.

“I would like to congratulate each of our new Inspectors for their continued service to ACT Policing and the wider community, their experience and leadership is highly valued.

“I am pleased the AFP understood the issues that arose when ACT Policing’s Station Sergeants were dealing with Inspectors and Superintendents in other jurisdictions, which is important given our close working relationship with NSW Police and other State and Territory police.

“A number of current and former ACT Policing officers campaigned for some time to reinstate Inspectors in the AFP. Their compelling arguments and pursuit of this change has come to fruition, and while it is appreciated now, I know the upcoming leaders of ACT Policing will also thank them for their efforts.”

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