Police attendance at a collision

Police do not need to attend every vehicle collision

Myth: police need to attend every collision


If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a vehicle collision, you don’t always need to call police.

Police don’t need to attend if:

  •  the collision is minor
  •  there are no injuries
  •  the vehicles can be moved off the road
  • the drivers exchange details.

Police will attend an accident if:

  • the road is blocked & traffic is disrupted
  • alcohol or drugs may have been a contributing factor to the accident
  • there is a danger to anyone as a result of the collision
  • someone is seriously injured or killed.

Please remember if you have a collision, you need to:

  • stop in a safe area and exchange details with everyone involved
  • fill out a crash report within 24 hours. The form can be found on the Access Canberra website. If police attend the accident, they will fill out the report for you.

If you do require police attendance after a collision, please contact ACT Policing on 131 444.