Helping children and young people in need

Toys for kids in care

Kids in Care at Christmas is an annual drive by ACT Policing’s Woden Crime team which began as a spontaneous charity appeal several years ago after Woden Crime attended an incident in the ACT in December.

 Members found four small children who had been neglected. These children included a baby only weeks old, a little boy who was about to turn two in the coming days, a beautiful little girl who was around four and a seven-year-old boy.

They effectively had the clothes on their backs and very little else.

While at the location, the little girl invited Detective Sergeant John Giles to her brother’s 2nd birthday party that coming Saturday. She was the sweetest blonde hair, blue eyed little girl and Detective Sergeant Giles accepted her invitation.

She then offered to show Detective Sergeant Giles her Christmas tree which she said was beautiful. She took Detective Sergeant Giles’ hand and led him into the house where he found a couple of tattered branches with a ball or two attached.

Detective Sergeant Giles was mortified but moved to do something about the situation so he set up the Kids in Care at Christmas Charity whereby every child in crisis and emergency care would receive a gift of their choice on Christmas Day.

"Christmas is a time to think about those who are less fortunate in the community, and to reach out to others," Detective Sergeant Giles said.

“Sadly, these children have frequently suffered abuse, neglect and may have experienced significant trauma. Seeing their smiling faces light up when opening their gifts, is a great feeling.”

Through the incredible leadership of Detective Sergeant Giles and his team, along with the outstanding support of local businesses and AFP staff - 81 children in crisis or emergency care will awake on Christmas Day with a smile on their faces.

On top of this, ACT Policing’s Woden Crime team ran an internal raffle with 40 prizes donated by local businesses. More than $5800 was raised through the raffles and the money was used to purchase gifts for the kids.

ACT Policing is focused on supporting our community and the annual drive to buy gifts for every child in crisis or emergency care over the Christmas period.