Constable Kenny's Christmas message

Constable Kenny

As school books and classrooms are swapped for sunscreen, flip flops and plenty of play time, Constable Kenny would like to remind kids to stay safe while having fun these school holidays.

Top tips to pass on to the kids include:

  • Know your name, address and parent’s mobile numbers
  • Always stay with your parents or a friend
  •  If you get lost find someone in a uniform like a police officer or a shop keeper to help you
  • Don’t take toys or food from people you don’t know
  • Don’t speak to adults you don’t know
  • Wear a helmet when riding your bike, skateboard or scooter
  • Stop, look, listen and think before you cross the road
  • Wait for the green man/walk sign before crossing the road at the lights
  • Be careful of people you don't know on the internet. They might be pretending to be someone else.
  • Call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.

Visit Constable Kenny's website for some fun activities.