Belconnen Police Station welcomes new "recruits"

Blue tongue lizard

 Well…sort of!

Over the past couple of months, Belconnen Police Station’s resident Blue Tongue Lizards welcomed 26 new babies to the family.

The station’s Blue Tongue family goes way back to the 1980’s, and over the years have become much loved mascots to our officers. The station courtyard they call home has been specially “lizard proofed” for their comfort. The lizards are self-sufficient from birth and don’t need to be nurtured, due to their natural instinct to hunt and eat bugs, crickets and snails.

Some of the new additions have even snuck into the station to explore, causing some mischief and finding some great hiding spots. We’ve had to use our detective skills to track them down!

Twelve lizards have already been released into the wild in suitable spots around Canberra and further releases are planned once the rest of the babies are old enough.