Community requests

Constable Kenny Koala

Community Requests

Our Media and Public Engagement Team manage community requests for ACT Policing. If you would like police to attend your community event, please email the Media and Public Engagement Team and include the following details:

  • the date, time and location of the event
  • the type of event (i.e. school fete, community event, educational talk, etc.)
  • what you require from police for the event (i.e. police attendance, key speaker, etc.)
  • details of the requesting person/organisation
  • contact details for the person/organisation.

It is important you submit your community request at least one month ahead of the event date. This will give us time to consider the request and advise you of the outcome.

Please note not all requests can be facilitated. All requests received are assessed based on what is being requested, whether the request is appropriate for police attendance and if there are resources available to attend.